Dr. Wei Wei Yang, Medical Director & Principal Clinical Pathologist Print


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Dr. Yang is a practicing veterinarian with more than 30-years experience in veterinary laboratory  diagnostics and clinical veterinary medicine in the  PRC. Dr. Yang was part of the first group of 80  veterinarians that were licensed in 1997 by the Beijing Municipal Government to practice veterinary medicine. Prior to joining the International Center  for Veterinary Services as a staff veterinarian at its  inception in 2005, Dr. Yang was the chief  veterinarian at the San Yuan Clinic, a branch of the  Huadu Animal Hospital.

Before that, Dr. Yang  worked at the Beijing Municipality‚Äôs Diagnostic Laboratory for over 20-years where she was in  charge of the culture laboratory and supervised the laboratory technicians. Dr. Yang is also a seasoned practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and veterinary acupuncture. Dr. Yang has extensive veterinary experience with small animals and has been serving the expatriate community in North China for more than a decade. Her vast experience in the care of dogs and cats and small companion animals has been invaluable to the pet-owning community. Dr. Yang is a native Mandarin speaker.