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Photo: Al Jazeera


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Photo: International Center for Veterinary Services


Dear ICVS,


I just wanted to (finally) write you after a busy summer and thank everyone for the great care they've given my cats, Prufrock and Zelda over the years.  They arrived in the United States in May a bit tired, but quickly adapted to their new environment and the bigger house.  They even, after a couple of weeks, adapted to the new dog!


As you know, my time in Beijing involved a lot of travel and ICVS was always excellent about accommodating my dropping off the pets at the last moment and housing them at your kennel.  They've been well-taken care of, and I know some of the staff got quite attached to Prufrock.


They're in good shape; and I felt they were the healthiest cats in all China!  There have been many things I've missed now that I'm no longer living in Beijing.  And ICVS has been one of them.  Many thanks for everything and I will miss the care and service at ICVS.




Melissa Chan

Roving Correspondent for Al Jazeera English