Happy Ending for Colette from Diana Kingsbury Print

colettedrwucollettemaryzhaoyuecolette with vet center staff


Dear Mary, Doctors, and staff at ICVS,


I want to say a special thank you for helping make Colette's life so safe, comfortable, and filled with love during the week that she stayed in your care. When I carried her into your clinic on Sunday, we didn't know if she would make it. She could barely walk. You did everything in your power to bring her back to health, and a week later she was able to trot out the door and into a new life. That you took such care with this homeless little dog, handling her with tenderness and compassion shows the true spirit of your profession. Thank you.


I have attached photos of the day Jim came to pick up Colette at the vet center and of a party we had on Saturday to celebrate the happy ending to this dog tail.


Best wishes to you all,




colettes adoption partycoletteelisajim