Thank You from Jeri Nanney Print

Hi Mary,


Just wanted to let you know that we made it back to the United States with Buddy.  I just want to personally thank you and your staff for making Buddy's trip to and from China a wonderful experience.



When we brought Buddy to China, one year ago, Frank, from your staff, was so informative as to how to bring Buddy from U.S. to China.  He knew more than my vet knew in getting all the paperwork done and how to plan Buddy's flight.  He informed us on what kind of kennel to buy (how big, etc.), freezing the water so it will drip out slowly, feeding procedures, giving him cheese to settle his stomach, giving him melatonin to relax him, putting the toy, (Kong), in his kennel and fill it with cheese so it would give him something to do, and last, put a piece of clothing of mine in his kennel so he could smell me as a comfort.


On exiting with Buddy, the information provided by ICVS was wonderful and very accurate.  It was very easy getting all the paperwork done for Buddy to depart to the U.S.  I followed the procedures as suggested, and not one thing went wrong.  The airport was a breeze!!!


I thank you for taking care of our dog while we were in Beijing for one year.  Your services you provided have been very appreciative by me, my family, and Buddy.  We thank you from the bottom of hearts.  We couldn't have had such a great experience in Beijing, China if we would have had to leave our dog behind in the U.S for a year.  Again, thank you for all the services ICVS provide and all the support you give to the community.




Jeri Nanney