Thank You from Jennifer Barnes Print

To the wonderful staff and doctors at ICVS,


Recently I contacted you regarding a rescued female dog. There were two pressing concerns.  The first of which was to ensure she didn’t present a danger to any potential foster home.  The second was to determine if she had been abandoned for any major health issues.


The fact of the matter is I acted rashly without fully understanding the implications. As the day progressed, I realized that to do proper by the dog, all of the people I had exposed her to, their subsequent family, and pets was going to require money I didn’t have to give at the moment.


From the time the phone was answered at ICVS, my predicament and concerns were met with kindness, empathy and complete support. Due to your assistance all of my fears dissolved, Plume received a clean bill of health and a wonderful new and caring home.


I get to hear stories about her every day as the adopter is a co-worker. It appears we have made two people’s lives a bit better. Soon it may be three.  We will be working soon to socialize Plume with my wee Mia.


Thank you so much for your support, ICVS.


I have always trusted your treatment. After this experience I have the utmost respect.




Jennifer Barnes


P.S. Thank you for the education.  I may do it again.  However, at least I will know what I am getting myself into.