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The International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) is providing information and clarification on the current campaign to enforce the Beijing Regulations on Dog Ownership.


The Regulations on Dog Ownership for Beijing Municipality have been in effect since 1993. In past years, the regulations had not been consistently enforced, resulting in many large dogs in all districts across Beijing.


This year, the regulations are being STRICTLY ENFORCED.




A CCTV video news report on the ban on large dogs in Beijing may be seen at this link:



An article in the New York Times reporting on the strict enforcement of the ban large dogs in Beijing may be viewed at this link  below (VPN required):


"Beijing Police Seek 'Large and Vicious Suspects' (With Wet Noses)":


The Public Security Bureau and its local police stations (“Pai Chu Suo”) are responsible for the administration and oversight of dog registrations.


The annual dog registration and license renewal period runs from May 1st to June 30th. Dog licenses will be valid from May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017.


However, we are already receiving reports that the crackdown on unregistered dogs has already begun in some districts. 


An incident in Beijing that occurred in May 2014, concerning an unregistered dog was widely reported. Owners are recommended to register their dogs and renew registrations as soon as possible.


The Beijing Regulations on Dog Ownership state that:

  • All dogs must be registered. No exceptions. Unregistered dogs are classified as “stray dogs” and may be confiscated
  • Only one dog may be registered to each household address
  • All dogs must be on leash in any public areas, even in elevators and lobbies of buildings
  • All dogs that are considered "large" (e.g., over 20 KG), must wear a muzzle in public areas, including in elevators and lobbies of buildings
  • All dogs must be rabies vaccinated annually in China and must have the Beijing Animal Health and Immunity Certificate (e.g., vaccination red book) to prove legal vaccinations. Owners that have brought their dogs from overseas and had the 3-year rabies vaccine must still rabies vaccinate their dogs annually in China
  • The Public Security Bureau will only renew your dog license registration with proof of your dog’s rabies vaccination within the past 12-months (e.g., vaccination red book)
  • The size restriction in key administrative zones (strict enforcement districts) only allows registration of dogs that are 35 cms tall or under (measured from ground to shoulder)
  • There are 8 key administrative zones listed in the regulations where only dogs 35 cms and under may be registered:


  1. Chaoyang District
  2. Dongcheng District
  3. Xicheng District
  4. Chongwen District
  5. Xuanwu District
  6. Haidian District
  7. Fengtai District
  8. Shijingshan District


  • The areas and counties outside of these 8 key administrative zones are considered general administrative zones where large dogs may be legally registered
  • Some of the general administrative zones include Shunyi, Tongzhou, Miyun, Huairou, Pinggu, Changping, etc.
  • However, within the densely populated areas of these general administrative zones, the Public Security Bureau’s local police station has the right to prohibit registration of large dogs. This may already be taking place within the more densely populated areas and villa communities in Shunyi and Tongzhou
  • The enforcement decision to restrict registration of large dogs is determined by the Public Security Bureau’s local police station (“Pai Chu Suo”) that oversees each neighborhood or compound
  • Owners must directly contact and seek the permission of the local police station to determine if their dogs may be legally registered to their household address.


If you have a large dog and live within any of the 8 key administrative zones, you may need to consider relocating your dog to another zone that allows large dogs to be registered. Please check with your local police station on size restrictions.


Landlords, property management agents and leasing agents are not authorized to make the decision about allowing large dogs to be registered to a residence on the compound. The local police station has the final decision on whether a dog may be registered to a compound within their jurisdiction.


Please have your dogs licensed and your licenses renewed as quickly as possible if you have not done so already. The dog registration deadline is June 30, 2016, but warnings by police to dog owners have already been reported as of end-April.


If you were able to license a large dog last year within the 8 key administrative zones, the police are being careful to review the size of registered dogs. There is a strong possibility that they may not renew the registration for dogs over 35 cms due to the strict enforcement this year. Please visit your local police station with your dog license from last year and clarify if you may renew your registration.


We recommend that you do the following to ensure the safety of your dogs:


  1. Ensure your dog has been rabies vaccinated within the past 12-months. Please only vaccinate at officially designated animal rabies vaccination hospitals that can issue the official vaccination red book
  2. Register your dog or renew your dog license as soon as possible
  3. Always carry a copy of the official fa piao for payment of the registration fee and the dog license with you when walking your dog. If you carry the originals, have copies at home in case the originals are lost. If you have not yet received the dog license ID card, your fa piao is proof that you own a registered dog
  4. Dogs must be rabies vaccinated annually and must now wear the rabies vaccination collar ID tag. If your dog does not have the rabies collar tag, carry a copy of your vaccination red book when walking your dog
  5. If you have a large dog and reside in any of the 8 key administrative zones, do not leave the compound. Relocating your large dog to an area where he/she can be legally registered may be the only solution in the long-term
  6. Any large dog on the streets within these 8 zones without a license may be confiscated. Large dogs with a valid dog license for 2016/2017 may still face the risk of a challenge and potential confiscation by the police if found within the 8 key administrative zones. Inform the police you will take your dog to its area of legal registration immediately.
  7. Always accompany your dog to the police station if you are asked to relinquish your dog.


Please visit the ICVS web site to review the step-by-step guidelines to register your dog in Beijing:


Please contact the International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) if you have any questions about dog registration, rabies vaccinations and any other concerns. We are happy to provide guidance and advice for all pets and their families to find solutions for legal dog registration.


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