"Da Ge" Lost Cat in Xihai/Houhai/Xinjiekou area 打印



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My cat “Da Ge” got out of the house and was lost around November 11th, in the Xihai / Houhai  / Xinjiekou area.


“Da Ge” is a long-haired black and white cat,  about 3-years old and is fully vaccinated and neutered (sterilized). He is friendly and trusting of people. He was under one-year old when originally rescued cat from the streets of Beijing, and may be wandering around neighborhoods in Xihai, Houhai and Xinjiekou with cat colonies and feeding stations.


If you see “Da Ge,” please contact me. I am keen to have him returned home safely.


Thank you!

William White

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Please also call the International Center for Veterinary Services:


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