Neuter Surgery Package for Rabbit (Male) Print


cute bunny


  1. Pre-Operation Examination (confirm surgery may proceed) - No Charge
  2. Blood Tests
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    • Pre-Operation (Pre-Anesthetic) Biochemistry Test
  3. Pre-Op Anesthetic
  4. Anesthesia during surgery
  5. Neuter surgery (Castration)
  6. Monitoring during surgery (Pulse oximeter, blood pressure, respiratory)
  7. Absorbable & removable sutures, as required
  8. Pain Management
  9. Antibiotic Injections
  10. Grade III Post Operation Care
  11. One Overnight Pre-Operation Observation - No Charge
  12. Post-Operation Re-check Examination - No Charge
  13. Post-Operation Home Care Instructions


Additional Post-Surgery Items for Purchase (not included in above surgery package):


1. Medication to go home

2. E-Collar (to prevent licking of incision site)


PLEASE NOTE:  Additional charges will apply if animal is in heat.


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