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ICVS Community Cats Trap-Neuter-Return Program


Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the most humane and effective method available to end the severe feral and stray cat overpopulation crisis in China. The International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) is promoting awareness and guiding the development of community-wide TNR programs. Please contact ICVS for more information and how you can help make TNR a fully understood, accepted and practiced method in every community.


ICVS TNR workshops and humane animal welfare programs are recognized and endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States, the Humane Society International, the International Fund for Animal Welfare,  the ASPCA and the Jane Goodall Institute China. ICVS has helped volunteers implement TNR programs at the Embassy of New Zealand and the Embassy of the United States in Beijing. ICVS trains student Roots & Shoots Groups from the Jane Goodall Institute in China, the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America, international and local students and private citizens working to control the stray cat populations in Beijing and many provinces throughout China!


What is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)?

  • TNR involves the trapping of feral or stray cats, getting them neutered, vaccinated for rabies and ear-tipped for identification
  • After the cats have recovered from their surgeries, they are returned to their original sites where caretakers provide food and water and monitor for any new cats
  • TNR is the only effective method proven to successfully reduce the cat’s numbers over the long term. Efforts to simply “Trap-and-Kill” have historically failed
  • TNR provides a humane and life-affirming method to control the population of our community’s feral and stray cats


What are the advantages of TNR?


At the cat colony level:

  • Population control (no more kittens)
  • Dramatically reduced noise (from fighting and mating) and odor (from un-neutered males spraying)
  • Continued rodent control
  • Improved community relations


At the community level:

  • Lower cat intake and euthanasia rates for local shelters
  • Cost savings for animal control from volunteer workforce
  • Improved public image for animal control


How can you become involved?

Are you or someone you know already caring for a stray or feral cat colony?


  • Educate yourself by picking up FREE printed materials about TNR at ICVS and sign-up to attend free TNR workshops (see the web site's "Community Events" for details)



  • Register for ICVS TNR workshops given in English and Chinese at ICVS (Workshops are FREE! Registration required.)


  • Contact ICVS:
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    • Web site:
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