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As of September 2, 2019, the Beijing Customs Bureau began checking for valid dog licenses before allowing dogs to depart China.

At 7-10 days before departure, pet owners must must apply for the International Travel Health Certificate and Exit Permit for their dogs at the Beijing Customs Bureau. During the customs declaration process, a valid Beijing dog license must now be presented to Customs officials before final export documents are released to pet owners.



Currently, only dogs that were imported into China and leaving China again after a short-term stay are exempt from having to provide valid Beijing dog licenses.



There may be variations in the interpretation of the new requirement based on the Customs official on duty. Currently the name of the owner on the dog license does not need to match the name of the person taking the dog overseas, but this may change as the Customs Bureau refines this requirement.



The linking of dog registration and licensing with pet export requirements is now in effect in Beijing but other cities may also begin adopting this requirement in the future. Owners must provide official pet import documents from the PRC Customs Bureau to prove legal import. 



All dogs in Beijing must be legally registered with licenses renewed annually between May 1st to June 30th. This linking of the dog registration requirement with pet export in Beijing is another reason to register your dogs!



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