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Give your pet the gift of good health with a professional ICVS pet grooming package! ICVS pet care experts will pamper your pets from nose to tail with a professional bathing and hair styling packge. Our certified groomers provide wash, cuts, trims and stying to help your pet look and feel great!


The ICVS Grooming Salon is equipped with Greenwave Shower Filters to maintainsoft and moisturized skin, while keeping your pet's fur beautiful and luxurious.


Little dog, Guusje (photo above), enjoyed a complete makeover including a bath and full body haircut and styling. She also received a complimentary health and wellness examination and consultation with an ICVS veterinarian, which is provided at every grooming appointment to help keep her in the best of health!


Enjoy 40-50% discounts during the ICVS Bath & Grooming Promotion for Pets from now until September 30, 2024!


Please inquire about ICVS door-to-door pet transport service for grooming and all other appointments.



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 ICVS Bath & Hygiene Package for Pets (Cats and and Dogs) Includes:

-Shampoo and Rinse

-Blow-dry or towel dry

-Full body brushing

-Eyes, nose and ears cleaning

-Anal gland expression

-Toenail trim (4 paws) 


*Bath & Hygiene package does not include hair cutting, trimming, shaving or styling,

which are offered separately.



ICVS Comprehensive Grooming Package for Pets (Cats and Dogs) Includes:

-Shampoo and Rinse

-Blow-dry or towel dry

-Full body brushing

-Hair cut and styling

-Eyes, nose and ears cleaning

-Anal gland expression

-Toenail trim (4 paws)


ICVS professional groomers are available for wash, cuts, trims, shaving and

special styling requests by appointment.

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Beautiful long-haired cat, Cookie, enjoyed a complete makeover including a bath and full body brushing and a comprehensive examination by his ICVS veterinarian. As the seasons change, pets will soon begin shedding their coats and filling our homes with hair and fur. Now is the perfect time for a professional grooming to help pets remove knots, matted hair and excess fur. A complimentary health and wellness examination and consultation is provided with every grooming appointment to help you keep your pet in the best of health!


We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon!



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