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White Dog Leia is looking for a Basket




Dog Lady Leia




Dog Leia is about one year old. She is very sweet, lively and active and likes other dogs and cats. She is already dewormed, treated for fleas and ticks and ready to start her vaccinations soon. She is a small mixed breed white dog with short hair. Leia isn’t completely housetrained yet. The adoption family must be ready for the responsibilities of adopting a puppy. Toilet training and obedience training will be essential to help the dog to become housebroken and socialized.




Post-adoption care: The International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) has enrolled us into their Rescued/Stray/Rehomed Pet Adoption Benefits Program. ICVS will provide our new families with significant discounts (up to 50%) on vaccinations, accompanying health examinations and neuter surgeries during our first year of life with our new adoption families.


Official Vaccination Certificate: With our rabies vaccinations, ICVS will issue our families the official Beijing Animal Health and Immunity Certificates (e.g., vaccination red books) at no charge! We need the official vaccination red books to prove we have been legally and properly rabies vaccinated to move to another city or to leave China with our families.


Pet Import/Export Counseling: ICVS will provide our families with unlimited relocation counseling and accurate information to take us with them when it is time to move to another city or to another country.


Door-to-Door Pet Transport Service: ICVS can help our new families arrange for a car and driver service to take us door-to-door for our appointments at the hospital! Contact ICVS:


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