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Principles Of Ear Cleaning In The Management Of Otitis Externa


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Your pet’s ear canal is an “L” shaped tube that takes a sharp bend from the vertical ear canal into the horizontal ear canal.  At the end of the horizontal ear canal lies the tympanum (ear drum) that separates the external ear from the middle ear.  Even with an otoscope, we may be unable to visualize the tympanum due to debris, swelling, or pain.  Therefore there is a chance that damage to the tympanum may be present but unidentified.  It is imperative that you monitor your pet during this treatment for signs of ototoxicity (nerve damage), an uncommon but potential side effect.  Signs of ototoxicity are deafness, head tilt, imbalance, eyelid/pupil changes, or facial drooping.  Symptoms may be sporadic.  Contact ICVS immediately if any of these symptoms are seen.  Dogs and cats often hold their heads in a slightly tilted position for a short time after a cleaning—this is normal, and should not be confused with a more pronounced and permanent head tilt (a sign of true ototoxicity). 




When cleaning the ears, our goal is to remove as much debris (ceruminous ear wax, pus, etc.)without causing any harm to the canal.  This is most easily achieved in the following manner:



1)  Have an assistant hold your pet still with the carriage of the head in a natural position.

(Use a muzzle if your pet is known to bite or is very painful.  If you perceive that your pet is in too much pain, then ear cleanings may best be performed under sedation by a veterinarian.)

1) 让一位助手握住你的宠物并让其头部处于一个自然的位置。



2)  While gently lifting the ear flap to straighten the “L” shaped canal, instill the cleaner (_________________) until the ear canal is brimming with that liquid.  Your pet will want to shake at this point and your assistant should discourage this.

2) 轻轻拨开耳瓣,将“L”形的耳道捏直,同时滴入清洁剂(_________________)直到耳道被液体充满。你的宠物会想在这时甩头,你的助手应禁止它这样做。


3)  Massage the ear canal below the visible opening by gently massaging/pinching the horizontal canal.  You should feel a semi-firm “tube” that originates at the base of the skull behind the angle of the jaw.  If you massage the ear properly, then you should achieve a classic “gooshing” noise that represents the opening and closing of the horizontal canal.  This action will help break up debris and you may see chunks coming out of the canal in the cleaning liquid.

3) 在耳部开口处下方轻轻按摩/捏水平耳道以按摩耳道。你会感到一个半硬“管”,起源于下颚角后面的颅骨底部。如果你正确的按摩耳朵,那么你应该听到一种典型的“咕噜噜”的声音,代表的水平耳道的开合。


4)  Do not let them shake incessantly as this can promote aural hematomas (blood filled ear flap).

4) 不要让他们不停地甩,否则可能造成耳血肿(耳瓣充血)。


5)  Gently wipe out the remaining liquid with cotton (roll cotton works best), soft plain tissues, or soft cotton gauze.  If you carefully insert these into the canal with your finger, then you should not cause any harm. If using cotton swabs, make sure the tips are fluffy and be very careful when cleaning insidethe canal as this can promote compaction of debris and damage the soft epithelial lining of the ear canal if too much force is used.  

5) 轻轻地用棉花(棉卷效果最好),软的纸巾,或软棉纱布擦掉剩下的液体。如果你小心地用手指将这些插入耳道,那么应该不会造成伤害。如果使用棉签,要确保棉球端蓬松并且在耳道内清洁时要格外小心,否则可能促进碎屑的压缩并且破坏耳道内柔软的上皮层。


6)  After waiting 15-30 minutes (if time allows), instill the following medicine if prescribed:

6) 在等待15-30分钟后(如果时间允许),若有开以下处方药,可以滴入:


___________________ every ______________ hours  x  __________days;  then recheck.

___________________每______________小时  x  __________天; 然后复查.


Do not medicate or clean the ear for 1-2 days before the recheck visit unless otherwise instructed. 


Monitor the ear for any sudden changes (redness, crusts, ulcers, pain) that may indicate a topical drug reaction, and contact us if any are seen.



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